Because poems mean- Little words but deep meaning!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Love- a magical spell!

Your presence is like a magical spell ,
Which bounds me withing it ,
Enslaves my heart ,
And suddenly gives a life a new meaning and a motive ,
All I know about is you ,
All I think about is you  ,
Above all , all I need is you ,
Because, you are the drug I'm addicted to.     

I'm no saint!..

I'm no saint , 
I'm no saint, 
I do make mistakes, 
And agree to them , 
Because I'm no saint.
I'm a human too, 
Just like you , 
I know I betrayed you , 
I wanted to say sorry , But never had the guts to do.
I know I lost you because of me, 
I accept it because I'm no saint , 
I'm a human too.
I know I never took our love seriously , 
But thats what made me realize that you loved me truly .
I accept all my faults and mistakes , 
Because I'm no saint , 
But I'm a human like you , 
You are totally free , 
To say what you wish to , 
But before that , 
Let me tell you that I'm Sorry!   


Sorrow pushed me, 
Depression covered me, 
Despair filled me , 
Grief hit me , 
Horror surrounded me  
You came and pulled me ! 


Light after darkness,
Happiness after sorrow,
Success after failure ,
Smile after tears,
Warmth after cold,
Healing after the wounds,
Relief after the pain ,
And hope after despair ,
But, why death after life?

War time...

Gun shots's , explosions and fire, 
Tears of blood on loved ones pyre.
Inhumanity and immortality of the crowd , 
Killing the enemies you feel proud.

With every life you take, 
You put another on stake.
The innocent are your target, 
You let no one escape.

Uncertainty of life carries me away, 
Seeing the red rivers, 
my body shivers, 
And for a few seconds I'm so sure I'll be dead anytime.

All my dreams are shattered, 
I'm clueless, helpless and direction less,
I'm angry , 
I'm sad , 
I'm frustrated , 
Can I do anything?
Something that end's all this?

Ouch! What was that?
I think I'm hit!
Bye momma , bye dad
Don't be sad ,  I'll be there in your heart forever!

That's where I wanna be !

I wanna scale the skies , 
I wanna measure the depth of the oceans , 
I wanna paint the rainbow, 
I wanna walk on the moon , 
I wanna pluck the stars , 
That's where I wanna be, 
High, higher and higher!
That's my destiny , 
There lies my future ,
In the clouds , among my dreams, 
My limit isn't the sky , 
My destiny isn't the universe , 
I wanna get high, higher and higher!
I wanna shine even when the night time falls, 
I wanna get bright, brighter and brighter!
I wanna out stand the sun, 
Shine out among the lustrous , 
I wanna get bright, brighter and brighter!