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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

War time...

Gun shots's , explosions and fire, 
Tears of blood on loved ones pyre.
Inhumanity and immortality of the crowd , 
Killing the enemies you feel proud.

With every life you take, 
You put another on stake.
The innocent are your target, 
You let no one escape.

Uncertainty of life carries me away, 
Seeing the red rivers, 
my body shivers, 
And for a few seconds I'm so sure I'll be dead anytime.

All my dreams are shattered, 
I'm clueless, helpless and direction less,
I'm angry , 
I'm sad , 
I'm frustrated , 
Can I do anything?
Something that end's all this?

Ouch! What was that?
I think I'm hit!
Bye momma , bye dad
Don't be sad ,  I'll be there in your heart forever!

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