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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm no saint!..

I'm no saint , 
I'm no saint, 
I do make mistakes, 
And agree to them , 
Because I'm no saint.
I'm a human too, 
Just like you , 
I know I betrayed you , 
I wanted to say sorry , But never had the guts to do.
I know I lost you because of me, 
I accept it because I'm no saint , 
I'm a human too.
I know I never took our love seriously , 
But thats what made me realize that you loved me truly .
I accept all my faults and mistakes , 
Because I'm no saint , 
But I'm a human like you , 
You are totally free , 
To say what you wish to , 
But before that , 
Let me tell you that I'm Sorry!   

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